Air Conditioning Installation Adelaide

Superior Air Conditioning Installation in Adelaide

Air conditioning installation in Adelaide has been vital to keeping the comfort at home, especially during hot and dry summers. The temperature in South Australia can reach 45 degrees and even higher at times. The importance of having a reliable company to install your air conditioning cannot be understated.

At Thompson Air, we have a collective experience of 40 years which helped us to establish the trusted reputation we have today. Unlike other companies, we don’t use contractors. Instead, we only dispatch our in house A-grade electricians with Arctic licences that can handle refrigerants. Aside from our service, we only work with the best brands in the industry, including Fujitsu and Mitsubishi. With this, you can guarantee a service every 20 years rather than every six years.

Things to Consider When Choosing Air Conditioning
Installation Services in Adelaide

You don’t have to suffer from extreme heat and humidity when you have a quality air conditioning installation in Adelaide. Luckily, you can avoid the scorching heat if you choose a trusted service company for you. When deciding which air conditioning company to hire, here’s what you need to find out:

Licence and Accreditation

To ensure you’ve chosen the right air conditioning installation in Adelaide, it’s important to verify their licence and accreditation. This guarantees the quality and accuracy of the workmanship they provide.

Customer Reviews

Before deciding to hire a company, it’s helpful to check their website for reviews. By doing so, you can gain knowledge of the customer experience and satisfaction.


Transparency is key to have the best air conditioning installation experience. Your installer should provide any hidden costs in your quotation.

Air Conditioning Installation Adelaide

When Is The Right Time For Air Conditioning Installation In Adelaide?

Imagine a life without readily available air conditioning installation in Adelaide. Dreadful, right? With varying temperatures in the summer, it’s necessary to know when to upgrade or replace your air conditioner to ensure high quality.

You can determine this by paying attention to these factors:

  • The inconsistent temperature in a room
  • The air conditioner is continuously running
  • Ambient temperature does not change
  • Noise from the air conditioning unit

While an air conditioning installation in Adelaide may seem like an expensive option, failing to do so can lead to even higher costs. A faulty unit may use power constantly without effectively cooling your space. This can incur a significant increase in your energy bills and give you more stress. In fact, studies suggest that prolonged exposure to heat can add difficulties in dealing with frustration, anger and stress.

Don’t let the hot temperature affect you day or night, choose a reliable air conditioning installation in Adelaide. Contact Thompson Air today!

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