Air Conditioning South Australia

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Regardless of what type of air conditioning you have in South Australia, it is important to choose a reliable brand. That’s why we only work with the leading brands in the industry, which include Mitsubishi and Fujitsu. While a lot of new brands are emerging and claim reliability, our 40 years of experience is proof. Unlike other companies, we only offer products that we trust ourselves. That’s why our clients can attest to how we put our conviction to the brands we work with.

Our wealth of knowledge has allowed us to tell which brands can stand the test of time. So whether you choose a split type, multi-split or ducted air conditioning in South Australia, you are guaranteed superior quality of service. We will help you find the right unit that can work best for your property or business.

Types Of Air Conditioning Units in South Australia

Throughout the changing seasons, it’s important to invest in a proven air conditioning unit brand in South Australia. To give you a brief background of the products we offer, here are their key features:

  1. Split Air Conditioning
    Split systems are deemed one of the most efficient air conditioners in the market, especially those who are using inverter technology. This system has an indoor and outdoor unit that works to cool the home or an office.
  1. Multi-Split Air Conditioning
    This product is ideal for clients looking for both heating and cooling capacity. It is also perfect for places with limited space. Moreover, it can control room temperature individually, has inverter technology, flexible, quiet and energy-efficient features.
  1. Ducted Air Conditioning
    This is ideal for bigger spaces such as offices, and clients who want discreet air conditioning. It has zoning control that decreases energy consumption and tailored systems to fit your needs.
Air Conditioning South Australia
Air Conditioning South Australia

Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit in Adelaide

Air conditioning installation in South Australia must be performed by fully licenced and accredited technicians. With this, rest assured you’re unit will only need repair after 20 years instead of short-term intervals. However, properly maintaining your unit can significantly extend its life span as well.

  1. Clean Indoor Filters
    Dirt and dust can accumulate in the filter, thus, diminishing the performance of the unit.
    This results in the air conditioning unit working harder than it should, leading to more energy consumption and eventually, deterioration.
  1. Temperature
    Setting your temperature too low and too high can damage the system. To avoid this, you can ask our expert technician about the right temperature to set according to your unit.
  1. Monitor Your Outdoor Unit
    Make sure that the outdoor unit is free from debris and any obstruction. This way, it can perform as it should and prevent damage to the overall system.

At Thompson Air, we take pride in only housing qualified technicians. Contact us to know more about air conditioning installation in South Australia.

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