Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide

What is Ducted Air Conditioning in Adelaide?

As its name suggests, ducted air conditioning in Adelaide distributes heat and cool air through a system of ducts and fittings. This type of air conditioning looks discreet, so it’s perfect for customers who want to keep their interior aesthetics flawless. It consists of a central unit that has a condenser, compressor and an air handling unit which is typically located in the attic, basement or garage. Since air passes through a series of ducts, it is ideal for both homes and commercial spaces that needs to have better climate control.

At Thompson Air, we’ve been in the industry for over 40 years, which made us one of the most reliable air conditioning companies servicing Adelaide. Pairing our expertise with top-notch products, we have been trusted by 80-90% of our customers. Moreover, we care about our clients, so we make sure to offer different financial options for our services.

Which Type of Ducted Air Conditioning in Adelaide is the Best for Me?

The most suitable ducted air conditioning system in Adelaide for you depends on your needs and lifestyle. So it’s only fair to say that a one-size-fits-all air conditioner does not exist. No matter how much you like it, the ducted air conditioning unit you saw in your friend’s home might not work for you. This is why it’s important to consider these factors to ensure you choose the most suitable AC for your home:

  • Know your home’s floor plan and layout, which includes the height of the ceiling and each room’s dimensions
  • Consider the position, orientation and size of windows and doors
  • Do you have enough insulation?
  • Your home’s building materials
  • Roof and ceiling space where the indoor air conditioning unit will be placed
  • The space where the condenser will be placed
  • Number of people living in the house
Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide

Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioning in Adelaide

There are a lot of benefits in choosing ducted air conditioning in Adelaide. From aesthetics, control, comfort and efficiency, just to name a few. While trying to find the perfect one for you is more complex, ducted air conditioning is still the best choice, especially for bigger spaces. But why do a lot of customers choose them?


A lot of homeowners find normal air conditioning eyesore, but not with ducted air conditioning. You can hardly tell where it is as it blends with your interior’s aesthetics.

Temperature Control

Ducted air conditioning in Adelaide offers a great amount of control for zoning and temperature. This means you can cool your entire house or individual rooms. This is why ducted air conditioning is ideal for families with varying responses to cold.

Noise Reduction

Most ducted air conditioning is silent so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep and it reduces annoying sounds while working.

Are you planning to have ducted air conditioning in your Adelaide home or business? Contact Thompson Air today and we will assist you!

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems Adelaide

Personalised Solutions with Ducted Air Conditioning Systems in Adelaide

With Thompson Air, you can create your own personalised ducted air conditioning systems experience in Adelaide. You can choose from our leading brands, including  Fujitsu and Mitsubishi. We only work with reputable brands that we trust ourselves, so clients can trust our word on quality and reliability. Our team is dedicated to helping you design the right air conditioning system for you. For this reason, you can rest assured that we will include you throughout the process.

From initial measures and consultation to the finishing touches of the job, our attention to detail will remain consistent. We will ensure every factor of effective installation of ducted air conditioning systems in Adelaide. This includes the layout of the area, the number of people occupying the space, and how each area is used every day. This way, you can avoid extra expenses for insufficient systems or any future adjustments.

Level Up Your Comfort With Ducted Air Conditioning Systems in Adelaide

Choosing which ducted air conditioning system to install in your Adelaide home or office is an important decision. So when it comes to choosing the right brand and model, the Thompson Air team ensures to assist you. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we will offer our knowledge to help you make the best decision for you and your family. From the right brand and product to the proper place of system installation, you’re assured of an accurate job. 

As a family-owned business, we understand how crucial it is to have a reliable ducted air conditioning system in Adelaide. Nobody wants to call for repair every six years, so we guarantee to complete the job and ensure that it withstands harsh conditions. We also offer after-sales support to maintain the excellent condition of the unit. Regardless of whether you’re building your new home or looking for ways to improve your comfort, we deliver maximum effort to achieve the best solutions.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems Adelaide
Ducted Air Conditioning Systems Adelaide

Why You Should Choose a Leading Company to Install Your Ducted Air Conditioning System In Adelaide

If you’re a new homeowner, your builder might offer to provide you with a package for a ducted air conditioning system in Adelaide. However, you must know that whatever package they’re offering is added to their mark-up price. This can significantly increase your expenses compared to opting for our service. Besides, we offer a no deposit arrangement and flexible payment options, so you don’t get pressured into buying before knowing all the facts.

When it comes to providing the right ducted air conditioning systems in Adelaide, Thompson Air is a trusted name. That’s why we have a large number of clients who are off the back of referrals from satisfied customers. Our fully licenced and accredited technicians are always ready to help and make sure to leave useful recommendations as well.

Do you have questions about ducted air conditioning systems in Adelaide? Enquire with the Thompson Air team today!

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