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Hard to Beat Experts in Home Air Conditioning Installation in Adelaide

As a home air conditioning provider in Adelaide for over 40 years, we’ve gained the expertise for offering the right recommendations. Apart from that, we only use premium products as well. Our reputation for delivering reliable results remains coveted and trusted by many customers. Regardless of whether you’re an existing client or a new one, we will offer equal hands-on services that suit your budget and needs.

Unlike other air conditioning providers, we only use our own technicians. This means you’re guaranteed to receive consistent, high-quality services. From the initial consultation, to determining the right product, to thecompletion of the job, we ensure to deliver long-term and satisfactory solutions. It is our goal to work for you effectively in such a way that doesn’t require too much stress and unnecessary expenses. For this reason, we make sure that we provide results that will stand the test of time.

What to Do When Your Home Air Conditioning in Adelaide is Leaking Condensation

If you notice your home air conditioning in Adelaide has a leaking condensation, you don’t have to worry. One of the functions of an air conditioning unit is to extract humidity from the air, which often results in slight condensation. However, if the leakage is a bit too much, it could be an indication that there’s a problem with your unit. Some of the possible reasons for this include:

  • The condensate line is clogged – The pipe where condensation is channelled should be drained out of the house. When this is clogged, it can pool and cause leakage instead.
  • The condensate pan is rusty – Generally, condensation pans are made with metal which can react to moisture and get rusty over time.
  • The evaporator coil is frozen or dirty – If your evaporator coil gets too cold, it can freeze. When it starts to melt, the water may pool onto your floor or wall.
home air conditioning Adelaide
Home Air Conditioning Adelaide
  • The air filter is dirty – Dirty air filters can inhibit airflow and cause blockage of cold airflow, which can freeze in the coil instead.
  • Low refrigerant level – Although it sounds ironic, lack of refrigerant can cause your condenser coils to freeze. When this happens, call an expert right away.
  • Faulty installation – Low-quality installation can cause a variety of problems, so make sure to choose a reputable installer.

Outstanding Home Air Conditioning Installation in Adelaide

While choosing a premium home air conditioning system in Adelaide does not guarantee zero issues, getting a trusted provider has proven helpful in this regard. At Thompson Air, our services don’t stop at accurate installation. Instead, we provide after-sales support should you experience any issues in the future. This way, you won’t get stressed out trying to figure out how to resolve your unit’s issue.

Here at Thompson Air, our team is dedicated to delivering comfort through efficient solutions and services. Whether you need it for your home, business or commercial property, we are always ready to service you.

home air conditioning Adelaide

For fast, reliable and accurate home air conditioning services in Adelaide, call our team today.

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