Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning

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At Thompson Air, we have tried numerous products and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning is definitely one of superior quality. This brand is popular for providing high-quality cool air with efficiency. So, it’s unsurprising to see it as one of the preferred air conditioning brands in the market. Additionally, it is also the reason why we continuously offer this product as we have tried and tested its reliability over time.

With over 40 years of experience, we have gained a wealth of knowledge in terms of delivering initial services and even maintenance support. With this, you are guaranteed a pleasant experience regardless of the brand you choose. Moreover, it is our commitment to provide services, no matter what budget you have. With our flexible payment options, you don’t have to stress out about lump-sum payments upon the completion of the job.

Why You Should Choose Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning for your home. These include the following:

  • Effective in Finding the Right Temperature
    Mitsubishi air conditioners have the power of the latest innovations. It has been improved to achieve optimum cost efficiency and performance. Additionally, it has certain models that offer a double flat feature and body temperature sensor. These features can help in detecting the number of people in a room and the right amount of power to cool the entire space.
  • Stylish Design
    Another reason to love this air conditioning brand is because of its indoor unit’s sleek design. Aside from that, each of their split type systems also come with stylish remote control. Moreover, they are equipped with replacement technology, and can use your property’s existing piping to avoid additional costs. This means that you are also helping in reducing waste, hence, contributing positively to the environment.  
Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning
Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning

Mistakes to Avoid When You Have Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning

Like any other brand, you can maximise the efforts of the Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning and avoid mistakes that can cause damage, including:

  • Not Regularly Cleaning Your Air Filters
    Blocked air conditioning filters can result in an overworked unit which leads to issues over time.
  • Neglecting the Outdoor Unit
    Your air conditioner’s outdoor unit requires an equal amount of care. This means that it also needs regular cleaning and maintenance. You should opt to place it somewhere away from the sun and where air can freely flow.
  • Improper Way of Turning On and Off
    AC units are similar to a powerful computer that can be damaged when powering it on and off if done thoughtlessly. For instance, before using your air conditioning unit after a long time of being unused, you should check if it’s clean. Whereas, when you’re going on a long vacation, you should make sure that the unit is properly turned off.

We are one of the leading providers of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning. Contact our team today for more information!

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Installers

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Installers You Can Count On

Whether you’re selling your property, ensuring comfort for your employees, or looking at a unit for your home, finding reliable Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning installers is a must. At Thompson Air, we are proud to utilise our accumulated wealth of knowledge of more than 40 years to help you out. This amount of time spent in the industry has allowed us to gain invaluable knowledge in delivering air conditioning solutions.

We believe that expertise is meant to be shared, and we do it by extending our experience through high-quality workmanship and products. Since our founding years, long term results is what we are dedicated to offering. We deeply feel for our customers as we were once in their shoes as well. That’s why we ensure to provide services that best suit their needs, lifestyle and budget. We are also keen on making good quality of air for everyone, so we decided to offer flexible payment options.

How Installers Troubleshoot Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning and Other Brands

With many years of experience, our installers can confidently resolve Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning issues, as well as other brands. However, there are instances when you can identify the problem yourself so we can resolve it even faster than expected. To conduct preliminary findings, here’s what you can do:

  • Troubleshoot the thermostat’s temperature setting – The thermostat that is below 70 degrees can lead to frozen coils and will stop generating cool air.
  • Pay attention to your fans and vents – The fan is responsible for blowing and circulating cool air through a room. So, observe your fans and vents, make sure they are open, so the airflow is not obstructed.
  • Find out if your evaporator coil is blocked – Coils can accumulate dirt and debris and if not cleared immediately, can cause blockage and problems over time.
  • Check the refrigerant level – Low refrigerant is an indication of a bigger issue and we suggest calling a professional immediately.
Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Installers
Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Installers

One-Stop-Shop for Installers and Services for Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning

Here at Thompson Air, we take pride in wearing multiple hats as installers of  Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning. Our team has passion and dedication for offering the ultimate convenience to our customers. That’s why we provide a one-stop shop service to all, from the initial point of contact, to assessing and recommending the right product, to installation and even to post-installation support. We guarantee to deliver fast and accurate services.

Moreover, we only dispatch our own technicians, which ensures the quality of professionalism and workmanship is maintained. Apart from that, we don’t put too much pressure on our customers. We do not ask for a deposit before starting the job. This allows us to establish trust and build good relationships early on during the project, which is an important value of ours. For this reason, about 80% to 90% of our clients know us and prefer us to be their air conditioning installer in Adelaide.

Experience the difference our Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning installers provide. Call our team today!

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